Conclusion: Fulfilling Our Promise

Career-ready graduates. Breakthrough thinking in service to the entire human community. These should be the dual aims of every institution of higher learning. But as growing calls for greater accountability and transparency make clear, many institutions—and especially public institutions—are falling far short.

Florida State is proving to be one of the rare exceptions. For too long, however, we’ve let others define us. With this strategic plan, we lay the groundwork for a new story—our story.

Look at FSU’s accomplishments in a multitude of fields, the success of our students, and our ambitions to rapidly expand knowledge and measurably improve opportunity and quality of life: it’s clear we are a force to be reckoned with. The ideas we’ve set forth here will enable us to anticipate, heed, and capitalize on the future as it unfolds in our bellwether state. With this plan, we invite the entire FSU community and all our stakeholders to join us on this journey. More than ever, the world needs a strong FSU.