Goal I

Deepening our Distinctive Commitment to Continuous Innovation

At Florida State, the entrepreneurial mindset is a pervasive, animating force. We believe entrepreneurial principles are very much in keeping with the goals of every aspect of higher education—after all, being a “first mover” in any endeavor starts with a dedication to discovery and transformation. In this spirit, we’ll empower all members of our community to launch solutions early, evaluate results critically, and make improvements continuously. Above all, we want this rapid innovation cycle to be flexible and collaborative, and to reflect profound empathy for the end user—which we define as humanity itself.

  1. Expand and incentivize FSU’s internal capacity for innovation
    • Develop the new Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship into a nationally recognized center for the study and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship across the academic disciplines and in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.
    • Broaden opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship across the University. Strategies and mechanisms might include special funds for ideas with potential to contribute to the culture of entrepreneurship; an entrepreneurial sabbatical and professional leave program; recognition of entrepreneurial endeavors as “service” or “research” in academic evaluations and promotion; and the like.
    • Prepare students, faculty, and staff with the skills to understand and engage in successful innovation and entrepreneurial activity across all disciplines, career fields, and civic engagements. Efforts might include promoting courses, degrees, and certificate programs focused on innovation and entrepreneurship; developing an innovation and entrepreneurship Living and Learning Community; and expanding the “Lessons in Entrepreneurship” program.
    • Incentivize innovation and entrepreneurship through competitions that challenge our faculty, students, and staff. We’ll also explore recognition efforts such as a “Dare to Err” award that would recognize thoughtful risk taking on campus or a “Seminole 100” celebration that would honor the 100 fastest growing FSU alumni-owned or alumni-led businesses in the world.
  2. Increase the University’s role as an engine for Florida’s economic development
    The University will actively support an innovative future for Florida that enhances economic development and quality of life across the State while providing FSU students and faculty with greater opportunities for training and work experiences to enhance their education.

    • Address Florida’s new and evolving workforce needs for entrepreneurially minded employees with strong critical-thinking skills. We’ll build strategic alliances with government agencies, professional associations, and nonprofit organizations, and encourage businesses to seek talent from our campuses and expand career opportunities for our students.
    • Expand and deepen relationships between Florida’s extensive creative-industries sector and the University’s historically strong arts and humanities programs. This will increase students’ access to careers in the creative industries and provide businesses in these industries access to the expertise of FSU faculty and students.
    • Bring together the University’s strong arts, design, and STEM capabilities in academic, experiential, and service initiatives that focus on ensuring environmental sustainability at a time of significant population growth.
    • Expand FSU’s capacity for social entrepreneurship and bring it to bear on important social and community challenges locally and statewide.
    • Build on FSU’s existing strengths in public policy and its location in the state capital. We want to become the go-to source for unbiased public policy research on key issues that leverage our deep expertise in areas such as criminal justice, education, aging and longevity, and child welfare, among others.
  3. Translate FSU research, scholarship, and creative production into applications that enhance economic development and quality of life
    • Identify potential partners in the private, public, and nonprofit sector that can work with FSU faculty to accelerate the translation and commercialization of ideas. We’ll also connect entrepreneurs across the state with resources and expertise at FSU that can help them further develop their businesses.
    • Develop a focused strategy for elevating the visibility of FSU’s research, scholarship, and creative activity enterprise to business and industry.
    • Improve the University’s infrastructure and policies to better support entrepreneurial knowledge translation.
    • Include undergraduate and graduate students as meaningful participants in FSU knowledge translation activities.