Goal III

Realizing the Full Potential of Diversity and Inclusion

Across the nation, institutions of higher education are struggling to build meaningful community from an increasingly diverse student body. With programs like Unconquered Scholars, FSU is redefining what inclusion can mean on college campuses—which has led to our being named one of only 10 “Diversity Champion” universities nationally by INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine. Our approach starts with a belief that diversity is about more than a particular head count: it must reflect the quality and depth of interactions. By valuing, celebrating and leveraging the differences and similarities within our community, we create a fertile environment for problem-solving—one that is more inventive and compassionate. We’re proud that our cohesive community has become a signature of the FSU experience. But we can, and we will, do more.

  1. Increase the diversity of FSU’s student body, faculty, and staff
    We will set and pursue aggressive goals to enroll students and recruit and retain faculty and staff at all levels of the University who reflect the diversity of Florida and our nation.

    • Provide numerous pathways to FSU enrollment—including links to schools and community organizations that serve populations underrepresented in higher education—to expand access for an increasingly diverse market of prospective students.
    • Ensure an affordable FSU education for all students regardless of socioeconomic status.
    • Support and strengthen initiatives for the recruitment, retention, and development of a diverse faculty and staff.
    • Support student affairs initiatives and employee professional development programs that help ensure a welcoming atmosphere for members of historically marginalized and underrepresented populations who join the FSU community.
    • Become the nation’s most veteran-friendly university, through targeted efforts to recruit and retain students, faculty, and staff from veteran populations.
  2. Expand and strengthen academic and co-curricular programs, as well as administrative initiatives, that increase diversity and inclusiveness
    • Provide continued fiscal and administrative support to successful programs focused on inclusiveness in students’ academic and co-curricular experiences, among them the Unconquered Scholars, Service Scholars, and Womanist Scholars programs.
    • Develop new programs that recognize and support the fullest range of diversity and multiculturalism, including but not limited to disability/ability, socio-economic, age, rural/urban, veterans, sexual orientation, race, and gender identification.
    • Strengthen FSU’s commitment to the establishment, preservation, and strengthening of small, minority, veteran, LGBT, and women-owned business enterprises through the University’s diversity in procurement initiatives.
    • Work closely with the joint FAMU-FSU College of Engineering to increase the number of students from historically underrepresented groups pursuing careers in engineering and other STEM fields.
  3. Develop globally and culturally competent students who are prepared to succeed in an increasingly multicultural and international society
    • Incorporate into curricula, courses, and materials perspectives that prepare students to live and work in a diverse and global society.
    • Provide more academic, co-curricular, and experiential opportunities for students to immerse themselves in other cultures, both outside and inside the United States.
    • Foster welcoming community engagement of the FSU international community with the full academic, co-curricular, and social life of the University.
    • Create an Alumni Diversity and Inclusion Board within the FSU Alumni Association that will interact on an ongoing basis with the FSU Foundation, student and faculty diversity and inclusion groups, among others, in support of diversity activities.
    • Develop programs through which alumni of FSU’s diverse communities offer mentorship and support to students with similar backgrounds and interests.