Goal V

Preparing our Graduates for 21st Century Careers

The defining assets of any modern organization are its intellectual property, its human capital, and its capacity to continuously test assumptions. In this new reality, helping FSU students succeed means preparing them to be professionals with keen foresight, offering them future-focused academic programs, real-world experiences, and savvy career advising. We want our students to compete and lead anywhere—whether they’re working in a small business, a multi-national corporation, the non-profit sector, public service, or the “gig economy.”
As we grow our graduate programs across the University—ensuring that FSU is well-represented among the next generation of pioneers, experts, and thought-leaders—we must be ready to offer these advanced students, as well as their undergraduate counterparts, the mentoring and employment networks that make the most of their talents and their educational investment.

  1. Expand experiential, cross-cultural, and collaborative learning
    • Increase opportunities for community service, internships, and paid employment, and connect these experiences to preparation for post-graduation success.
    • Engage all students in research, clinical, and project-based-learning experiences that provide them with career-ready competencies.
    • Incorporate more learning approaches that reflect the modern workplace: such as group projects, collaborative problem solving, oral and multi-media presentations, and the like.
  2. Provide students strong career advising and mentoring
    • Encourage students to explore career options and determine appropriate programs of study to support their career and personal goals.
    • Identify faculty who are knowledgeable about employment opportunities in their fields of academic interest and encourage and incentivize them to help students identify and prepare for these opportunities.
    • Link students with FSU alumni, employers, and friends of the university who can provide career advising and mentorship.
  3. Engage graduate students in programs and services that prepare them for employment opportunities within and outside of the academy
    • Increase our graduate students’ capabilities for successful academic careers by improving access to teaching experiences and other pedagogical opportunities.
    • Support the coordination of efforts by faculty, departments, and colleges to strengthen graduate student advising and professional development. We need to share successful advising practices, explore career fields spanning disciplines and departments, and identify outside resources for academic and non-academic employment opportunities.
    • Help graduate students explore employment options beyond academia by providing information on employment opportunities and connecting them to training and experiential learning opportunities in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.
  4. Leverage technology and relationships with employers and workforce development agencies throughout Florida for the benefit of students and alumni
    • Create strategic alliances with Florida organizations supporting economic and workforce development that allow them to seek talent from our campus.
    • Build partnerships and connections via technology that expand our reach with employers and alumni. We’ll enhance FSU’s value as a source of expertise and talent—able to provide Florida’s employers with both potential employees and programs for professional development.
    • Continue to develop our electronic job-search application that guides students and alumni through the process: providing them guidance on networking, interviewing, and resume development; and offering employers the ability to post career opportunities viewable only by FSU students.
    • Analyze student experiences and satisfaction in short- and long-term employment as well as employer feedback on their satisfaction with the FSU students they hire, and use this information to improve employers’ recruitment success, retention of new hires, and quality of job fit for students.