Goal VI

Investing Strategically in Our Institution and Reputation

While FSU’s track record in stewarding resources is impressive, “doing more with less” is not a sustainable fiscal plan for an institution determined to hold the line on affordability while taking its rightful place on the national and global stage. We’ve already proved we have what it takes to become one of Florida’s two Preeminent Universities. With support from our stakeholders that is commensurate with our bold, ambitious vision, FSU’s momentum will be truly unstoppable: we will be known as a university that makes a difference in the lives of our students and in the quality of life of our society.

  1. Build and promote a public identity for FSU that reflects our impressive academic strengths and achievements.
    The University must better inform the world about its preeminence as a major public research institution of high rank and distinguished academic quality. In particular, it needs to be proactive in clarifying its institutional identity and explaining its importance to the continued economic vitality and quality of life in Florida.

    • Define a clear and compelling FSU identity. This must capture the culture, character, and academic strengths of the University; resonate deeply with its many stakeholders; and hold true for all of FSU’s locations, including its online presence.
    • Strengthen public understanding of FSU’s commitment to excellence, affordability, access, and diversity; the quality of its undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs; and the value, impact, and importance of an FSU education to the State of Florida and the nation.
    • Promote and enhance FSU’s reputation as an unparalleled higher education destination for the world’s best scholars, researchers, educators, and staff.
    • Communicate FSU’s achievements broadly among alumni worldwide to increase their awareness of the growing value of their FSU degrees and strengthen bonds with their alma mater.
  2. Strengthen the University’s financial foundation
    Now is the time to thoughtfully and analytically re-imagine FSU’s business model. To ensure our longer-term financial health, we’ll diversify and grow revenue streams, identify ways of improving efficiency, and reduce operating expenses.

    • Prepare a sustainable long-range financial plan aligned with this Strategic Framework. Such a plan should seek to increase and diversify the University’s operating income, provide for appropriate tuition increases, improve operational efficiency, and streamline administrative processes and procedures.
    • Develop a new business model for the start-up costs of STEM faculty hires to address the growing funding requirements to attract outstanding STEM faculty.
    • Reach broader, more diverse populations of students and increase tuition revenue by implementing new course delivery methods—enabling us to attract new applicants, improve utilization of the physical plant, and establish a more efficient course schedule.
    • Increase use of classroom and residence hall capacity, particularly during the summer, creating revenue-generating programs for non-FSU students and promoting FSU space to outside groups for weekend use.
  3. Provide an up-to-date and adaptable information infrastructure
    We will extend our technology platform to touch every function of the modern university environment—supporting teaching and learning, enhancing communication, and increasing nimbleness.

    • Refine our technology platform to make it more robust and flexible for teaching and learning, assessment, research, institutional communications, and informed decision-making.
    • Ensure that all departments and schools have adequate access to the technology necessary for innovative pedagogical practices and enhanced collaboration among faculty, students, staff, and departments.
    • Design and implement electronic systems that will streamline administrative processes and move the University toward simpler and more efficient operations.
  4. Foster a culture of service, problem solving, and teamwork among all FSU employees
    Today’s higher education environment requires a culture of service at every level and in every part of the University enterprise—and this demands offering meaningful opportunities for faculty and staff to grow and develop.

    • Become a rewarding “workplace-of-choice” for all FSU employees.
    • Use organizational performance assessments to determine gaps in current service levels and conduct surveys to understand the perspectives of both “users” and “providers” on the current quality and relevance of services. Use these to identify and improve processes that are inefficient, ineffective, or unnecessary.
    • Create and implement a training plan that provides opportunities for employees to develop and apply their talents in new and innovative service and problem-solving approaches.
    • Continue to recognize and reward staff who demonstrate an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset in their work.
  5. Incorporate sustainable living practices into all FSU activities
    We will incorporate practices that reduce our overall footprint and build a University-wide culture of environmental care. We will actively pursue:

    • Climate action by focusing on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy use through increased conservation and efficiency efforts, increased sustainable transportation options that support a bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly campus, and optimizing the use of green building technologies.
    • Waste minimization by increasing our overall waste diversion rate through enhanced 3R efforts (reduce, reuse, and recycling), responsible purchasing practices, and responsible waste disposal strategies.
    • Resource stewardship by expanding conservation activities across our campuses while supporting environmentally-friendly land, habitat, and watershed management practices.
    • Education for sustainability by increasing communication efforts and related curricular, co-curricular, service, and research initiatives.