Goal IV

Ensuring Student Success on Campus and Beyond

The possibilities that open up to students at FSU can be both exciting and overwhelming: the choices they make, and the achievements they strive for, often set the stage for an entire lifetime. Our student success initiatives honor students’ determination and dreams by offering the right support at the right time—with impressive, nationally recognized results. By growing and evolving these programs, we can continue to help students focus their ambitions, unleash new talents, and cultivate broader perspectives. We produce graduates who become confident entrepreneurs of their own lives—and alumni who not only remain deeply engaged with their alma mater but also have significant impact on the communities they live in.

  1. Expand FSU’s high-impact programs of advising, leadership development, community-building, and academic support
    • Continue to be a national leader in student retention, satisfaction, engagement, and completion, building on FSU’s successful programs in these areas.
    • Redesign and support a distinctive honors program that emphasizes academic excellence, collegiality, and collaboration. Our goal is to create a powerful sense of community that will encourage students to raise their academic aspirations to the highest levels.
    • Enhance support for the Presidential Scholars Program to facilitate recruitment of a diverse group of highly motivated critical and innovative thinkers.
    • Increase academic and personal success among the cohorts of students most at-risk for attrition through multi-faceted programs and support. This may include establishing partnerships with state and local agencies that support foster youth to build a strong pipeline to the Unconquered Scholars Program.
    • Reestablish a first-year experience program that complements existing first-year engagement programs and gives students the tools for undergraduate success early in their FSU years.
    • Establish programs that help students connect work goals to student goals to life goals.
  2. Deepen FSU’s tradition as an engaged campus community that makes a difference locally and abroad
    • Ensure that every student has the opportunity for at least one significant experience in student organizations, research, community service, leadership roles, internships, and/or international experiences.
    • Improve college readiness and outcomes by building strong connections with K-12 schools in the Tallahassee area, Florida community colleges, and other state four-year institutions from which significant numbers of students transfer to FSU.
    • Increase partnerships with community agencies and schools to stimulate social entrepreneurship and to educate and involve students in civic responsibility.
  3. Ensure that FSU remains a welcoming and safe campus community that develops the “whole person” and promotes well-being for all students.
    • Encourage widespread student participation in programs that promote resilience, physical and mental health, and lifetime habits for healthy living.
    • Maintain excellence across all intercollegiate athletics programs. We will expect all our athletes to succeed on the playing field and in the classroom, and to become valued community members, volunteers, and leaders on campus and beyond.
    • Promote strong and enduring relationships with the FSU’s surrounding communities to enhance quality of life on and off campus.
  4. Broaden and strengthen engagement with FSU alumni and friends worldwide
    • Take advantage of social media and other digital technologies to deepen the engagement of alumni and friends locally and worldwide.
    • Provide a broad array of opportunities for alumni to connect with each other and with the University around areas of common interest.
    • Enhance opportunities for alumni and students—our future alumni—to engage with and provide philanthropic support to FSU.