Goal 3
Nurturing and Inspiring FSU’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

FSU will nurture the entrepreneurial spirit by generating support systems for creativity, innovation, translation, and growth, and inspiring transformational change. Building collaboration within its communities, FSU will lead innovative endeavors and launch entrepreneurial ventures targeted to fulfill the needs of those it serves, putting the people of Florida first, then reaching beyond, to the nation and the world. This entrepreneurial culture will lead FSU to realize its full potential of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


Cultivate an ecosystem that prioritizes and embraces creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial behavior in all endeavors

FSU will expand opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to evoke creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in scholarly activities, research, artistic endeavors, and institutional operations. FSU will develop policies and an environment where FSU and its community partners will collaborate to promote transformation and creation processes across all endeavors and in all disciplines.

Translate creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial ventures and endeavors for the public good via commercialization and collaboration

FSU will increase its capacity for transformational change by reimagining the technology transfer process and build advisory and support structures that will increase commercialization activities. We will encourage smart risk-taking behavior, eliminate unnecessary barriers, and engage with external partners in collaborative efforts that can best meet state, business, cultural, and societal needs.