Goal 2
Ensuring Student Success
On Campus & Beyond

FSU’s student success initiatives lead the nation, providing students a uniquely engaging, challenging, and vibrant campus environment to help them grow to their full potential. By strengthening its programs and services that focus on the whole person, FSU can empower students to thrive at FSU and beyond. FSU will build upon world-class academic programs, hands-on experiences, and individualized academic support and wellness services. FSU’s goal is to have its graduates embrace a lifelong commitment to learning and well-being so they can compete, contribute, and lead anywhere.


Enhance curricular practices that foster engaged learning and robust outcomes

With world-class teaching, FSU will expand efforts to inspire and challenge students to fully engage in a curriculum that broadens their knowledge and builds the skills required for long-term success. By improving student completion rates in key courses and enacting early alert interventions, FSU will help students succeed in their enrolled courses. FSU will encourage students to progress effectively through their degree programs and to consider additional degree opportunities when appropriate.

Create an environment that encourages healthy behaviors and wellness

FSU recognizes student success is directly related to health, wellness, and resiliency. The university will encourage students to take advantage of a wide range of programs and services designed to promote healthy habits and navigate challenges, including physical, emotional, social, and financial. By using best practices and pursuing meaningful collaborations, FSU’s holistic and proactive approach will benefit students and lead to greater success in all areas.

Expand and strengthen academic advising and student support services

Academic advising and student support are critical in advancing students’ success. FSU will expand its advisor outreach and strengthen its use of technology to provide holistic and accessible academic support services for all. With required participation in meaningful, peer-led first-year engagement experiences, including those designed around special populations, students will know they have a solid and capable support system—academic and otherwise—as they navigate FSU.

Bolster students’ co-curricular and career development opportunities

FSU prioritizes developing the whole person through engagement opportunities that facilitate occupational, social, and intellectual wellness. Through co-curricular experiential learning, students will engage more deeply during college in immersive experiences that develop the knowledge and skills needed for lifelong learning and career success. On-campus involvement, service and leadership opportunities and professional readiness initiatives will produce engaged, community-minded students who are prepared for their post-graduation future.