Goal 1
Expanding Research &
Academic Excellence

FSU catalyzes transformative innovation, discovery, scholarship, and creative endeavors through the excellence of its faculty, students, and staff. By investing broadly across the university and deepening our collaborations with external partners, we will amplify our impact in assessing and solving the critical challenges facing our local, national, and global communities.


Increase the recruitment, development, and retention of high-impact, nationally and internationally recognized faculty to strategically maximize FSU’s potential across all disciplines

FSU will expand recruitment and retention of high-impact, highly accomplished, innovative and engaged faculty across all disciplines to build on current academic and research strengths and foster connections throughout the university and with our external partners.

Catalyze translational scholarship, arts, and research that will address grand challenges and enrich people’s lives

FSU will invest in basic research, scholarship, artistic creation and mechanisms necessary to enhance translation of research and creative works into innovative and impactful solutions that will benefit mankind now and well into the future. FSU will intensify efforts to recognize and promote multidisciplinary teams of internal and external partners to transcend and transform traditional disciplines to uncover new insights and address some of society’s grand challenges.

Expand and promote the arts, performance, humanities, and creative activities of our faculty and staff

The humanities and fine and performing arts distinguish FSU from many of its peer institutions. FSU will continue to expand and invest in its fine and performing arts excellence. In addition, faculty across all disciplines and professions will be encouraged to engage colleagues and students in cross-disciplinary creative activities that promote scholarship and innovation.

Build upon and create graduate opportunities that transcend and transform traditional disciplines

FSU will promote the development of new graduate training opportunities and expansion and retooling of existing programs to meet strategic needs, especially at the doctoral level. These programs should promote the coalescence of pedagogy and research experiences from multiple disciplines to better prepare our students to solve research challenges and to be future leaders.