Goal 5
Enhancing Our Brand To Reflect Institutional Excellence

FSU has a strong record of success in delivering outstanding returns to students, alumni, and the people of Florida, amid a nurturing and growth-oriented environment. FSU’s administration will develop consistent messaging around these strengths to make them demonstrable and stable themes within FSU’s overall brand narrative. FSU will utilize its financial, physical, technological, and human resources to drive the brand forward, striving for comprehensive excellence in all endeavors to become an internationally recognized leader in higher education.


Focus the FSU brand to bolster our reputation, stakeholder and partner relationships, and quality

Raising the university’s brand reputation will aid in faculty, student, and staff recruitment, public and private fundraising, and gift cultivation, and produce new opportunities for engagement with and investment by government, not-for-profit and private entities and organizations.

Leverage growing and increasingly diversified financial resources to strategically invest in emerging areas of institutional excellence

An emphasis on financial resource diversification and growth will provide additional funding for investment in areas that are consistent with a continued push to membership in the Association of American Universities, thus solidifying FSU’s place among the leading research institutions in North America.

Become a national leader in operational excellence in the administration of the university and its resources to empower innovation, sustainability, and resilience on campus and beyond

FSU will build on its history of nationally recognized operational excellence by better leveraging human, technological, data, physical, fiscal, and intellectual capital. FSU will challenge the status quo in institutional administration, process design, sustainability, resilience, and personal empowerment both on campus and within its communities.