Goal 4
Committing to Inclusive Excellence
& Civil Discourse

FSU aspires to develop a diverse and inclusive student body supported by an equally diverse community of faculty and staff that will promote these efforts locally and globally. By valuing and leveraging the different viewpoints and experiences within its community and throughout the world, FSU creates a fertile environment for innovation, understanding, and compassion.


Improve efforts to expand diversity while creating rich experiences and opportunities for all populations within a respectful and united community

FSU aims to develop an academic, administrative and social culture that serves and represents Florida and a culture of open and tolerant civil discourse that supports the Florida Board of Governors’ Statement of Free Expression. FSU will continue to build access to opportunities and experiences that will promote the personal attainments of all student, faculty, and staff populations and those in our communities.

Increase international engagement and cultural competencies for students, faculty and staff

FSU will expand its reputation and reach as a leader in international education and academic and service projects by partnering in international research, learning, and service. FSU needs to grow these international engagements to prepare students for an increasingly complex and competitive multicultural world. By so doing, it will enhance much-needed cultural competencies and build fruitful collaborations with institutions, faculty, staff, students, and communities from around the world.